Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where have all the Maxwell's gone?

There were two Maxwell break downs today. If you are researching road trip cars, you might cross Maxwell off the list.

First the radiator went out in Howard Joiner's replacement Maxwell -- you remember his 1910 had engine trouble yesterday and had to return, so be brought out another. This problem occurred less than 20 miles outside Napoleon. Poo.

Next, Emily heard more knocking in the 1909 Maxwell and pulled over immediately. Seems like a trend, doesn't it? The crew pushed the car in Tim and Barb's trailer and were able to make the Lincoln Highway Celebration in South Bend. Sally, Emily, and Christie gave talks about Alice Ramsey's and their own experiences thus far and the Maxwell was on display. Unfortunately, the Dutchmen and I missed the event as were still swimming around in the rain.

The photo above was taken at the ACD Museum. You see the problem part of the Maxwell engine. Actually, the problem is with the front rod, but you get the idea, right?

Tim, Barb, and Rich have reloaded the Maxwell and are on their way to a shop 30 miles from here. I'm unsure of the status of Howard's Maxwell. I'll keep you posted.

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