Monday, June 15, 2009

A day with the Dutchmen in the Spyker

We left Mario's Spa (wonderful place, by the way) at 8:15am. Jan and I shared the plush backseat and watched Stijnus' head burn from the intense sun (good news: he picked up a Ducks Unlimited hat shortly thereafter). We were traveling with Howard Joiner, his daughter, Jenny, and friends Bobby and Joe. Howard has a 1910 Maxwell Model E, which looks similar to the 1909 Model Alice drove, but has a better oiling system. A ways down the road, Howard's Maxwell made some horrible sounds and started spitting out parts via the side of the engine. I'm not sure what the problem is at this point, but it's not looking good...I'll keep you posted.

We stopped at Snook's Dream Cars Museum ( in Bowling Green and enjoyed watermelon and refreshments. The outside of the building looks like an old-time Texaco. The showroom shined with cars ranging from a 1931 Ford Model A Pick-up to a 1968 Alexis Ford (RACE CAR)! My favorite may have been the 1936 Auburn.

Next stop -- Proteam, the world's largest Corvette dealer. YIKES. At first look, you'd think they had 20 cars for sale. A nice man, who eagerly confessed to having over 200 traffic violations, gave us a tour of the three buildings behind the main showroom. Talk about Corvettes -- I found one I would like to own (see photo -- Stijnus and Will are inspecting the quality).

Hunting for food this evening produced Blimpie and Taco Bell. Don't come to Napoleon in search of good eats.

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