Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waterloo, NY

The day started off great. Emily, Christie, Sally and I climbed into the Maxwell and drove through the rolling hills of upstate New York. The scenery was spectacular. Though super loud and windy, I really enjoyed being in the backseat and waved at everyone we passed. The group stopped in Bouckville for a lovely catered lunch and met several members of the Model T Club.

Do you know why Henry Ford offered car paint color options at the beginning and end of the production of the Model T, but stuck to black for the middle years?

Why was it not uncommon to see an early Model T driving backwards up a hill?

With older cars, things happen. We've made it as far as Waterloo, but the Maxwell is 70ish miles south. It seems to be the same problem we ran into before: the front bearings are not getting oil. Therefore, the bearings (which are special Babbitt bearings) are being pulverized/ mutilated -- especially the front bearing as we drive up the hills. A good group of mechanics is working on the Maxwell tonight and will continue in the morning. I hear Ziggy from Albany will be casting another bearing for the car.

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  1. hope you are having fun, email me pictures for the museum whenever you can, as we talk about the trip some here. dont hesitate to get some detail photos of the problems incountered. keep up the good work and enjoy.