Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Secret Caverns

Margaret (Emily's mom, lodging coordinator, and much more) gave four of us a ride to the caverns. We had originally set off to find Howe's Caverns, but were persuaded by a great Trip Advisor review and absolutely tacky signage (see photo) to continue down the road to the Secret Caverns. Plus, we wanted to know the secret. Todd was painting when we arrived, but convinced us to wander outside and participate in some public humiliation (see photo in next posting) while he cleaned up and prepared for the tour. We descended a steep, wet staircase into the cave (130 ft down!) Tour guide Todd, also a member of a death metal band, told us the story behind the founding of the caves -- a farmer lost a couple cows to its depths -- and led us to the spectacular 100 ft waterfall at the end of our 1/8th mile walk. Supposedly, Todd used to drink the water and encourage his guests to do the same until one day a patron told him how filthy cave water is! Interestingly, the temperature in the cave remains a steady 52 degrees F year-round.
Todd ended up giving us a ride back to the Super 8 -- well halfway, anyway. Christie and I ran the rest. Best tour guide ever!

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